WELL and PUMP Services

Ensuring that our customer’s wells and pumping equipment can operate at maximum capacity and efficiency is one of our primary objectives.

A well redevelopment rig cleans
a municipal water well.

A pump service crew removes
a vertical turbine pump.


WELL Maintenance Services

Well Cleaning

The Maher Services team uses both chemical and mechanical methods to clean and redevelop wells in order to remove plugging and bio fouling from the well screen and surrounding formation.

Chemical Methods – in addition to standard industry accepted chemicals, Maher Services is the sole provider of PANTONITE in the Northeast. PANTONITE is an NSF section 60 certified chemical for use in cleaning water wells. It is a proprietary blend of acids specially formulated to combat manganese and iron biofouling.

Mechanical Methods – include, surging, brushing, jetting, sonar jet and air purging.

Re-line/Repair Existing Wells

Preventative Maintenance 

Includes performance tests on the well and pumping equipment, oil changes and other maintenance functions.

Performance Flow Tests 

Determines the performance and efficiency of existing wells and pumps.

Video Inspection

A video camera is lowered into the well to inspect the well casing and screen.

PUMP Services

Pump Sales

Maher Services sells and installs a variety of high-quality pumps, motors and well head adapters such as:

  • Goulds Pumps (Line Shaft, Submersible, Centrifugal)
  • American Marsh Pumps (Line Shaft, Submersible, Centrifugal)
  • Grundfos Pumps
  • CentriPro Submersible Motors
  • Franklin Submersible Motors
  • Vertical Turbine Motors by US Motors  and GE
  • Pitless Adapters

Pump Repairs and Maintenance

We will clean, repair and inspect all types of pumps to make sure they are running at maximum efficiency and design.  We will:

  • Disassemble, inspect, repair and clean pumping equipment
  • Repair all  makes and models of pumps
  • Inspect, overhaul and re-wind all makes of Pump Motors