Bringing Well Construction and Water Filtration

Out of the Stone Age with SiLibeads

SiLibeads represent a huge advancement in underground water-well construction technology for industries and consumers seeking the cleanest water possible. Traditionally, water wells fitted with filter pipes use gravel to screen out impurities. But gravel has many defects as a filtering material. With its rough, porous surface, gravel breaks down over time, losing its size and shape and its ability to filter properly. Gravel fragments break and disperse, causing filters to clog. This requires costly maintenance and jeopardizes the purity of water supplies.

SiLibeads solves the water circulation and filtering problems associated with standard gravel. Ten times stronger than gravel, SiLibeads is made of unbreakable soda-lime glass that is free of impurities and heavy metals. Available in numerous sizes, SiLibeads uses a perfectly shaped glass ball with a completely smooth surface. The size, shape, and material of SiLibeads make it the perfect filtering product for underground water wells. Since the development of SiLibeads in 2007, hundreds of wells have been built and upgraded throughout Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland using SiLibeads technology.