Geothermal Systems

Sustainability through groundwater

Heat and cool your home or business utilizing the Earth’s constant temperature.

Maher Services specializes in HPGX® (High Performance Geo Exchange) System. HPGX is a closed loop, deep set vertical system that is typically 500 feet deep. Highly efficient – 2.5 time more efficient than conventional closed loop HDP piped systems. Construction benefits – Lower costs because:

  • Fewer holes are required
  • Smaller foot print
  • Less site disturbance
  • Less time on site

HPGX can rescue problem geothermal standing column wells.
HPGX can retrofit an existing standing column well to save your drilling investment.

Additional benefits:

  • There is no submersible pump required
  • There is no equipment in contact with ground water that may foul and plug the submersible pump as well as heat pump