Led by David Maher and Vice President Reidar Bomengen, Professional Geologist, our drilling division offers comprehensive solutions to our customers, whether they are looking for a water supply or trying to solve an environmental issue. The combination of highly trained, safety-conscious crews and modern equipment means we can offer our customers cost effective solutions.

“Our focus is on finding the best solution for our customers. We understand that drilling conditions in New England can vary greatly. Maher Services has the experience and resources to work with our customers, consultants and engineers to solve problems and devise solutions quickly and cost effectively.” Reidar Bomengen

Drill crew utilizing a Direct Push Rig to install aquifer exploration wells.

ATV Sonic Rig collecting water samples before installation of targeted monitoring wells.

Water  Supply

  • Aquifer Evaluation, Test Well Drilling, Pumping Tests
  • Production Wells – Gravel and Bedrock

Drilling Methods

  • Mini-sonic drills
  • Full-Sized ATV or Truck mounted Sonic Drills
  • Mud Rotary Drills
  • Air Rotary Drills
  • Hollow-Stem Auger Drills
  • Direct Push Rigs

Environmental Drilling

  • Monitoring Wells
  • Extraction/Injection Wells
  • Water Sampling/Packer Testing
  • Soil Probes

Construction/Specialty Drilling

  • Geothermal drilling and installation
  • Geotechnical/Instrumentation installation
  • Dewatering/micropiles/anchors
  • Earth and Hard Rock Drilling